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A Lady That Made A Difference

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Jan. 31, 2006

A Lady That Made a Difference

I want to tell you about a lady who made a difference in my life and in my daughter-in-law’s life. Her name is Debi Pearl. She wrote a neat little article some years ago entitled “Carnal Husbands, Cranky Wives, and Cantankerous Kids”. It is still available on their web site if you would like to read it. I was rocked to my socks when I read this thing. It was as if Mrs. Pearl had been perched on my window sill. She knew me so well. Well, when I read her stinging rebuke I determined that day that I would with God’s help change for good, and I did. My husband is a much happier man for the change and my children are changed as well. Thank you Debi and thank you Lord.

Now let me tell you a little more about my sweet daughter-in-law. Amber and Josh had been married about nine months when I was given Debi’s book, “Created to be His Helpmeet”. I got so excited that I stayed up all night to read this book and wished it had been around 30 years ago. I decided that my daughter-in-law needed to see this book and so the next day I gave her mine.

Well, one day my son Josh called and said that Amber had read the book and that she was a good wife. Amber then told me that she had really stuggled with finishing the book. Everytime she read it she said she got mad but something made her keep reading. Amber told me this book went against everything she was ever taught. She was taught that she needed to go out and take care of herself and not to depend on anyone. But as Amber read through the book God was doing a work in her heart. She said one day, “If people just believed the Bible and lived like the Bible taught everybody would be happy”.

That day I realized my prayers for Amber were being answered in a big way. That night on the phone I was allowed the great joy of leading Amber the Christ.

God be praised!!

Now God is working in a mighty way in Joshua, too. He has a desire to learn the Word and be a godly dad and husband and Amber wants to stay at home and raise her children. She wants to homeschool.Wow! It just gets better and better.

Thank you, Debi. Thank you, Lord.


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