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My Homeschool Story

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Jan. 31, 2006
My Homeschool Story

I began my homeschool adventure about 19 years ago. My husband was pastoring a small church in southern Ohio and I had just volunteered to serve as a room mother for my son’s third grade class in the public school. It was a Haloween party and I came home shaking my head and wringing my hands over the wild outfits the little girls in my son’s class had worn and more than a little stressed over what I had been thinking.

I had already wrestled with the idea of homeschooling and decided with the demands of a new baby and two active preschoolers besides my two that were in school I just couldn’t pull it off.

I told my husband through tears that we just had to do something. He told me I should probably teach them at home. With his blessing I took the plung into what has been a real whirlwind in my life.

I started my first homeschool day on August 26th, 1987. I remember the day well. The day we started our class at home was the same day that school had started just across the street from our house. It also just happened to be the day our fifth child was born. I had one day of school and then a week off for baby Jesse. Then, we started schooling with mom feeling a little overwhelmed. Maybe a lot overwhelmed.

Well, I’m glad to say the Lord has brought me through to where we are today, 19 years later. I have had six more children and five are presently living at home and still learning.

It has not been easy but it has, in spite of shaky moments,it has been very much worth it all.


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