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The Sun Rise

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It’s just starting to get light outside and the ground is all wet. It’s still quiet in the house and I am enjoying a cup of camomile tea. I sit here an wonder what it will really be like to live on Australia. I think a lot about what it was like when we visited. It was May of 2003. It was a little cool at times but nothing like here. It was really warm most days except for the day that we did our running around. That day was a little cool and rainy but that is the day I like to think about. Jim and I had the whole day to ourselves. We rode the train a good bit of the day and sat in the sand of Bondi Beach. We walked all around at the Rocks which is a little part of the down town where the old stone prisons are made into little shops. We returned from this adventure hungry, cold and a little worn out and were met at the door by dear Margaret Lane with a, “Come in,Love, you must be cold. I made you some pumpkin soup.” What a treat that was and that night Harold and Margaret had a log burning in the woodburner to take the chill off the air.
I long to be sitting in my own little home, reading my Bible and sipping tea, and waiting for the sun to rise. We will be going over again in June for another visit and we have already been told that our dear friends, Harold and Margaret Lane will be our hosts. I can hardly believe it. I really can’t wait. Perhaps then we will return to finish our moving preparation.
Dear Lord, Let it be. We long for our family to be settled in our new home, even a tiny cottage that we can call home in the land we love and long for.


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  1. Love hearing about Australia. Praying God will speed you on your way.

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