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Talking With God

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When I was young only a few children were being called ADD or hyper. Now everyone has a label. I am glad my parents kept us busy and encouraged us to work. I have simply tons of energy. I am so thankful for it now. As a young mother with many children running around I rested in my might many times. It was only when I was burdened down with pregnancy fatigue or sickness that I had to rely on God’s strength to get through a day. In that respect it was a handicap. It took me much longer to learn to rest in the Lord and the power of His might. As I age and my children mature into capable, hard workers, I have a lighter work load. I like to get to bed by nine o’clock in the evening. I usually go right to sleep and wake completely refreshed around 3:30 or 4:00. I love having all that time to spend talking with the Lord. This is becoming the norm for me and it is a huge blessing.

Another lady that influenced me in my prayer life was Becky Tirabassi. I read some of her books and heard her speak to the ladies at Gull Lake one year. She shared what a blessing writing out her prayers to the Lord has been in her life. I did a lot of my praying that way when the children were working on their school work at the table. I’d sit down with my Bible, notebook and pen and write my letters to God. I still pray that way but now I have this time in the night where, (when no one is sleeping on the couch ) I can talk out loud to the Lord. It is also a blessing just to sit and listen to Him. He is truly my Lord and my shepherd and my counselor. I sometimes break into singing. Very softly, mind you. I try not to wake my family in my moments of extreem joy or extreem pain. The Lord has really been growing me in this area in the last few years in this time.

I joke around a lot about being a slow learner but I am also grateful that God is taking time to teach me even as I approach my 50th birthday. Maybe God only gives a few people the kind of energy that He has blessed me with. If you are occassionally troubled with not being able to sleep I hope that you will spend your time wisely. I love my time with the Lord in the early morning before the sun is up. God’s Word is clearer and His voice is stronger. His arms are there to embrace me. I delight in Him.


Author: Melony

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One thought on “Talking With God

  1. Thank you for this article….I too was at that same ladies conference and was helped a great deal in what I call journaling…I also took an on line class with Ordinary Woman Extrraordinary God on journaling our prayers. I truly love to do that best.

    Since I have been working 40 hours a week I really haven’t been able to do it as much…

    Hopefully I will be able to go back to it when I retire.

    Praise the Lord, he does hear our prayers, whether they are written or spoken or even thought.

    Have a wonderful restful weekend at your ladies retreat.

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