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Once Upon A Time/ A little girl’s story


We were young and energetic and eager to get back to Bible college and see Jim start his second year at Baptist Bible College in Spingfield, Mo. We had a beautiful little fellow, Jimmie, our first born who was now a year old. As we made final preparations to travel from our home in Ohio to Missouri I had a growing suspicion that was expecting. In a few weeks my suspicions would be confirmed by all the little clues that I had experienced with our little son. Well, our dreams of getting back into school would come to a halt as money ran out and we would head back home to find a place to work in hopes of saving enough money to try it all again. We spent a few weeks in the home of my parents and then the Lord took us to the city where I was born, Newark, Ohio. There, my honey would find work at Denison University as a housekeeping supervisor. A few months later we would be blessed by the safe arrival of our sweet daughter, Hillary.

I have always been privleged to be a keeper at home while Jim has worked hard, many times working more than one job at a time to make it possible.

When our precious baby girl was born just 21 months behind her brother, Jimmie, we felt as though we had the most perfect family, a boy and a girl and a bright future to look forward to.

We did, too.

Since that time God has added to our family many more precious babies. Each one has been an incredible gift from God. Each one has brought to our family a precious part of what makes us a family, but this is the “little girl’s story”.

As this little girl grew anyone could see she was very special. She always seemed to copy everything her mommy did. She loved to get fixed up pretty, wear her mommy’s clothes, high heels and make up. She liked to help mommy cook in the kitchen and one of her very favorite things was to copy how mommy cared for each new baby that God brought into the family. Only for a short time did she have to pretend with her baby dolls for very early this sweet and gentle little girl began ministering love and care to her very real dollies, her brothers and sisters.

Many times I would marvel at the wisdom God had given our little girl, Hillary. She was so gifted at settling little and big issues that came up with such grace and wisdom. Very early on she could be trusted to take care of her brothters and sisters while Jim and I had an evening out.

We always said what a wonderful mother she would make. We knew that while many young girls looked forward to their futures and what they would do, our little girl would grow up to be a wonderful mother. She would do many noteworthy things under the noble title of “homemaker” and we knew she would do them well.

Well, one day, November 21st, 1998, to be exact, our precious baby girl assumed her title of homemaker as she was married to her sweetheart, Terry. She and her husband Terry moved into their home and began the beautiful wonder of married life. Hillary was also privleged to be able to stay at home and care for her home and her new husband. She is indeed a wonderful homemaker. She has such a gift for making things pretty and homey. Her gifts include being a seamstress, a great cook ( just ask her husband), a briliant decorator and all around great homemaker.

One of the things that Hillary and Terry looked forward to was the day when the Lord would bless them with children. Both Terry and Hillary grew up in homes that recognized children as a blessing and gift from God.

One day the happy couple were elated to discover that they were expecting a baby. It had been several years since they were married. They had waited what seemed like a very long time. Now, they would be blessed with a precious baby at last, but it was not to be. Just a few weeks into her pregnancy Hillary’s doctors discovered that the baby had died and she could expect to miscarry soon.

Our hearts were broken for them as we knew how much they had treasured this little life.

Then, one day in October a call came from the adopion agency. There had been many already, but this one sounded so encouraging. There was a birth mother. Would they like to be considered? Of course! Each day what seemed like a dream came closer to becoming a reality. Was it a girl? No, a boy. They would fly to Florida to recieve their baby.

Preparations were made. Suitcases packed. Baby clothes washed and folded.

They arrived in Florida. Then the call came. We are so sorry. The birth mother changed her mind.

With broken hearts and many tears the couple returned with empty arms. Oh how we grieved for them. It seemed too much. Would they ever have a home with children of their own?

Hillary had been doing regular babysitting since she was in high school and now there were the precious little ones she cared for, sweet and yet ornery little Ryan, sweet little Mady and Makenzie. When could they have their own little one. There was the beautifully decorated nursery, the warm and loving parents just waiting to be there for that little one.

Then, one cool day late in November a call came from the agency. This time there was a birth mother who would give birth in just a matter of days. Were they interested?

Finally, Hillary was able to reach Terry and tell him about the call. They waited. They prayed. They hoped. Each day more details. Each day seeds of hope grew. Plans were made to travel to Florida. This time they would drive. The suitcases were packed. Then the phone call. The baby boy had been born. They could come and pick him up right from the hospital if they could get there in just two days.

I can share this in the first person as I was honored to be a part. We drove through the night. We got fresh and went to church and heard not much of what went on. We went to lunch. We took a nap. We drove to the hospital. We were early. We waited. We waited. Is that the car. We walked up. We waited. We waited. Then, “You may come into the nursery.”

He’s beautiful.

Hillary said after a few minutes. “So, can we go?”

As an old mom/grandma tells this story I can tell you that it has been such a rewarding experience to see how God has brought this miracle about. My heart is full of thankfulness. I am so grateful that the Lord has given them this great joy.

Before we entered the hospital I prayed a prayer in my heart for little Riley and dedicated his life to the Lord. I have prayed it again since. I pray that one day he will give his heart and life to God. I pray that God will bring his birth mother to know God. I pray that Hillary and Terry will be blessed with many more such gifts from God and that little Riley will be a leader and strong tower in his family.

I am so happy for you, Hillary, a wife, a homemaker and a mother, just what you always wanted.


Author: Melony

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7 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time/ A little girl’s story

  1. What a sweet tribute to your wonderful daughter. We’re so happy for Terry and Hillary. I’d love to have a turn holding Riley. What an adorable baby!

  2. What can I say…you said it all… Hillary is a precious girl and they will both be wonderful arents…

  3. You certainly have a way of putting things. God is so good. What a sweet testimony Hillary has had. I’m grateful to be her aunt.

  4. Oh my goodness, Mom! You sure made me cry! I’m so glad that you were able to go with us to get Riley! It was such a special thing!
    I am printing out a copy of your story for in Riley’s scrap book!
    I love you!

  5. Melony,

    I loved reading your story, on so many levels. As a mother, because I am raising a little girl whose greatest dream in life is to be a Mommy someday. As a daughter, because I received a glimpse of how my own mom felt watching me experience infertility and failed adoptions. And of course, as an adoptive parent because my heart just leaps for joy when GOD brings another family together in this miraculous way! GOD bless!

  6. Good story. Good story telling. How sweet to hold a newborn baby and feel the pride and joy he gives, but sweeter still the calm assurance, this child can face uncertain days because He lives.

    I love you.

  7. Hey you cut me out of the picture in your banner!

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