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A Song for Him

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Do you ever just feel so close to God that you think you are seeing the bigger picture from His angle? I do sometime and at those times I believe I am truly able to worship Him.

Let me tell you about just such a time.

Saturday, the 27th of Jan. I went to Fellowship Baptist Church where our daughter Hillary and son-in-law Terry attend. I was part of the team of people who were decorating the room for the family baby shower given for their new son Riley.

When Terry’s mother Mary arrived she wanted to play the beautiful grand piano. She began and asked us who were watching to sing with her. It was just me and two of my girls, Lois and Chelsie and Mary’s youngest daughter Tina.

It was so beautiful. It was special because here we were waiting for the shower guest to arrive, standing in a rather chilly and empty sanctuary ( some of Terry’s brothers were there) and just praising the Lord with  song.

God is the theme of my song. He is my delight. I hope I can please him with my life. It isn’t easy when the ugliness of sin steals into our lives and our families.

Sometimes when my children speak with anger and ugliness to each other I just want to cry. I pray a lot about this one. I so love it when we get along and I really love it when we are all singing together.

Yesterday we did a nursing home ministry and Lois, Chelsie and Andrea and I sang for the people. It was lots of fun but I really enjoyed the practice time even more. We were singing for no audience except Him.

Sing and make music to Him in your heart.


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