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Thoughts on praying for our children

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I was in Sunday School class yesterday where we were wrapping up a series on the parables. This one was the wheat and the tares. (Matthew 13:24-30) As I sat listening to the discussion my mind went back to eleven years ago when the Life Action Revival team came to our church. The Lord worked in my heart in that revival to pinpoint some sins that I had never gained the victory in. I learned that my failure could be due to the fact that I was not loving the Word. Loving the Word would give me victory in my life.

I am happy to say that I begged God to do a work in my life and help me to love ( crave) the Word as a believer should. (Psalm 1)

I soon began reading the Word more faithfully. This led to me reading it more eagerly. I can say that I now recognize that I am close to worthless without the power of the Word and His accompaning Spirit. The two go hand in hand. I read to hear from Him. I pray to express myself to Him. He speaks to me in my “inner man” and I continue to pray to adjust to His will.

I have many desires for my children and family. One that is most important to me is their salvation and their hunger for His Word. I know that the Word is powerful. Resting on the promises of God and His Word brings peace.

We can only be certain of our own standing with God. In other words, only He can decide which are the wheat and which are the tares.

We should never stop praying for God to have his perfect will in the lives of our children. That includes their eternal destiny. We can rejoice in their salvation when we see God working in them but we can never relax our prayer efforts on their behalf.


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One thought on “Thoughts on praying for our children

  1. amen

    what else can I say…
    “Deeper and Deeper”
    Can you sing it with me.?

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