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Equal Time For Dad

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I know I recently told you about my daddy dear to honor his birthday but I just had to let him know how special his is on Father’s Day, too. So in light of the universal day we honor our dads, this is for you, Dad.

My daddy dear was in Bible College (Cedarville Universtity, Cedarville, Ohio) when I was welcomed into my family. I made my grand entrance a bit early but that’s another story. My Dad was working full time while carrying a full load of classes and in his freshman year. He was a little uneasy with his fathering role as my mom shared with us. He got more comfortable with us when we got a little older.

Well, I can remember lots of fun and crazy antics of my dad. I loved to ride on his back and wrestle (pronounced rassle in our family) with him. He let me shoot the bb gun one time and I thought that was cool. He did other neat dad things, like let me steer while he was driving when I was just little and he taught me how to usher and even let me take the offering at church. He always bragged on me, like telling me how well I played a song on the piano or how good my cooking was even when it wasn’t. There was this great game we played in the basement of this one old house. We called it “Bash Your Head In”. I know now how nervous the loud ruckus must of made my mom while the three of us, my dad, my little brother Kenny, and I played and screamed for hours at a time.

I also remember dad trying his hardest to teach me to swim but I was a real failure in that department. I still can only manage to dog paddle and do some kind of thing on my back that looks like a seal in distress. Anyway, dad was great! He made us tire swings and tree forts and let us play with old boxes and junk like that. He took us fishing with old cane poles and bobbers and we had a great time.

Dad did lots of stuff with us but the best stuff he taught us was ministry. Dad loves the Lord Jesus and has served him all my life and most of his. He has taken us calling with him,on visitation, to nursing home ministry, taught us to serve as Sunday School and Vacation Bible School teachers, taught us song leading, and an endless list of ministry related tasks. He has thrown himself into each of these tasks in such a wholehearted way we always knew that it was and is his first love.

I am so glad that my dad is the dad he is. I am so glad that God placed us in such an awesome Christian family and that God has chosen to use my brothers and myself in Christian service. It is the greatest joy and the most rewarding blessing.

I am so thankful for a loving dad who prays for me. Dad, that is the best thing you have ever done for us. You are a faithful prayer warrior and I am sure it has made all the difference in our lives. I want to be just like my dad in that way.

I love you, Dad.


Author: Melony

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One thought on “Equal Time For Dad

  1. Dear Melony,
    You talk about giving one the benefit of the doubt. The wonderful praise you Father’s Day letter provided was so much more than my often-failed attempt at fathering. I do love you sweetheart. I am so sorry you have suffered with these kidney stones. We prayed much for you. All my love, Dad.

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