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What Is A Friend?

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I was recently milling over what it means to be a friend. I love someone dearly but because I spoke to this sweet girl in a way of rebuke I lost her friendship. How sad. I dearly would love to talk to her again and have sweet fellowship but it seems I lost my chance. I love this person so much. I pray for her and her family and her life. I know God can change a person because he is constantly changing me. I know that God is in the business of changing lives. Should I have not spoken to this person. I think I should. I don’t believe we should be phony and go through this life just pretending everything is swell. I believe God tells us that words from a friend that wound us are really for our healing. Iron sharpens iron. I hope I can grow from this and other experiences like this where someone has turned against me when I have not wanted to hurt them.


Author: Melony

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One thought on “What Is A Friend?

  1. James 3:17 Encourages us to be peaceable, gentle…full of mercy”… Good word for speaking the truth in love.
    cinthia Heald “Becoming a woman Who Loves.

    We have just finished this book in our S.S. class and after much prayer and comfession of our own sins and shortcoming… Paul instructed the Romans in Ro.15:14 to admonish one another. but in the next verse,,, “Nevertheless” read what follows…

    As I have learned in some 50 years of ministry… that I have accomplished far more through prayer the my tongue.Proverbs 9:8-10

    I know exactly how you feel and will pray for your dear friend that the Holy Spirit will show her what a true friend you are.

    Love you, sweet Melony… keep on seeking to honor HIM and you will be blessed beyond measure.

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