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Vegan? Hallelujah Diet? What is that all about?

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I think sometimes I am  little impatient with people. I think sometimes I am narrow minded. I think sometimes I am a little bit of a skeptic. So, having said that, I would like to cautiously proceed to tell you about how I came to be a vegan.

You might be thinking – hmm, wonder who she thinks she is? Well, a couple of years ago I didn’t even know how to pronounce the word vegan.

I have for the last 20 years or so had a real curiosity about health and how nutrition plays a part. I began grinding our own grain and making our own bread and tried hard to serve a healthy diet to my growing family. We tried to eat less prepared cereals, knowing they were largely sugar. Instead, we would have whole wheat pancakes sweetened with raw honey or fruit jams or homemade granola with only oats, honey, olive oil and some dried fruit or nuts. We made other attempts to eat better but often we would fall back into some not so healthy eating.

Well,  about two and a half years ago my husband and I had checkups to determine if we were eligible for life insurance. My husband was accepted but I was rejected. The reason was I had recently had a small spot taken off my face that was cancer and that my triglycerides and cholesterol were off the charts. We were both about 40-50 pounds over weight.

I took this as a wake up call and began to think earnestly about a book I had read a year earlier. The book was “The Hallelujah Diet” and I knew that it was going to change my life. I guess that was part of the reason I had shelved it the first time I read it.

Me? A vegetarian? No way! One of the first things I did after re-reading my book was to pull out the Jack LaLanne juicer that I had ordered myself for a Christmas present. I guess I was afraid to use that too. Then we started juicing carrots like crazy. That was the first big change for me. I had always enjoyed a pretty heavy breakfast of toast, bagels, french toast, pancakes….you get the idea. Now my breakfast was all in a glass. This was not the only change for me. Then I really did give up meat. It was really not such a big thing. I think it was actually harder to give up cheese. Before long I was eating salad like crazy and eating lots of new kinds of vegetables that I had never tried before. Another change came when I started exercising regularly. First, just a half hour doing a workout video. Later, that stretched into an hour of walking every morning.

A year after I started the Hallelujah Diet I had my blood work done again and everything came back perfect! In only a few months I was able to get off my blood pressure medication and I had lost 40 pounds.

I use to think a lot about what I would be giving up but now I am just rejoicing in all that has happened.

I have bushels of energy where once I was a real couch potato. I am thinking so much clearer these days and looking forward to the future and each new day with such hope and joy. I sleep all night and wake refreshed and energized. I never have heartburn or indigestion. I rarely get a cold or sniffle or even a headache. I can buy cute little clothes (at Goodwill of course) and feel comfortable in them. I can run up a flight of stairs and not have to stop and catch my breath.

I rarely tell people that I am a vegan who chooses to eat 85% raw (uncooked) diet of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and a little grain.  Instead, I fix great big veggie salads and fruit salads for church and family dinners. I try to make yummy snack mixes ( I call them “Mommy Mixes”) and give them as gifts. I try to encourage sick friends and relatives to read the book that has so helped me and pray that God will make me a blessing to someone. Now, if I can just work on my narrow, impatient and skeptic ways.  Thanks for praying for me!


Author: Melony

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One thought on “Vegan? Hallelujah Diet? What is that all about?

  1. You are such an amazing woman and I’m so proud of you! Did you know that I’ve been watching how you eat? Not on purpose though. I’ve always saw you eating salad and I wondered if you ever felt full. Then when I came to eat at your house, all your healthy foods were so yummy and fulfilling!! I like the way you make healthy foods. I love how you made your own peanut butter on celeries with raisins on them! MMM! LOL!

    Back in February, I almost lost my hubby. While he was in the hospital and I was sick, too, I just took the time to give up drinking pop and forced myself to drink tea (no sugar) after tea like crazy. Then, I started going back to jogging to the Wii and encourage my hubby to do the same. My weight started dropping down fast in a week. I couldn’t believe it. I started changing the way I made food for my hubby and I, not just taking the salt out of foods or giving up on oil. I added more veggies and fruits into our lives and still save money.

    Pop no longer controls me anymore. I don’t get migraines like I used to for being without caffeine pop, nor do I get that panicing feeling anymore. I do not like the taste of Dr. Pepper or Dr. K anymore. YUCK!! Those two pops were my addictions.

    I would still love to learn how to become a vegan though. I gave up hamburger and switched to ground turkey when I make spaghetti and for other random stuff that I make up to make, lol. I’m still trying to give up meat completely somehow.

    My point is, that you motivated me to eat right and to be an example to my hubby to take care of him better. Thank you for that!

    I now have a new interest to learning about the benefits of what certain teas, veggies, and fruits do! I prefer them over pills, lol!!

    Love ya! 🙂

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