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Beeper Wants Her Own Blog

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Today Andrea and I read some older posts and she wanted to know how she could have her own blog.

Andrea is a special little girl. Born the eleventh child to parents who are frequently taken for her grandparents makes her a very special child!

Andrea came into the world on a beautiful day in April. My labor began to be intense around noon so we crossed the street to the hospital in South Haven, Michigan.

I remember one incident when Andrea was small where she was showing us her stubborn side when she was out on the breezeway standing knee deep in her toys. I asked her to clean them up. She proceeded to plant her little fists on hip and saucily respond, “No!”

We eventually had to get a little stick we called the switch and have it out! It is so hard to believe that she was such a firey little one.

Her brother Andrew had just turned two when she was born and could not say baby so he called her “B”. We eventually turned it to “Beepere” and it stuck.

Beeper is a fun mix of her older siblings. She has some of the wild and crazy Tomboy ways of her sister Chelsie. She has a love for pretty things like her sister Lois and a love for babies like her sister

Beeper had a little trouble learning to ride a bike. It happened, but she was older than her siblings when they learned. Reading was just as much of a challenge but she loves reading now and much like Chelsie, she reads everything she can get her hands on. I remember a few years ago coming home from the library and a couple of hours later not being able to find her. She was still sitting in the car reading!
I think we will all really enjoy Beeper’s Blog. She has always had such a funny way of expressing herself. She has her own vocabulary. She called seaguls – beach eagles and she would tell people she was burnt toast intolerant!
Well, it is a scary thing that my baby is getting ready to start her own blog. Go for it Beeper!


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  1. Thanks mom I really like my blog.

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