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Keeping the Home- and loving it!

true peace

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leaves are beautiful, music is such a blessing, God is so near, life if so full of challenges, God is so near, family is so precious, the end is near, God is so near…..

It makes me want to write a song.

Funny things happen. Yesterday Jim came back from work after only being gone an hour or so. The truck that belongs to Ben, our son-in-law, Jim’s boss, broke down. It was transmission trouble. This for us was a blessing. Jim has been working everyday and has not had a chance to change his license or get registered to vote. I had tried to do it for him online while we still are waiting for confirmation in the mail. When Jim and Ben headed for town Ben’s truck completely gave out and had to be towed. Jim took our new car to have it checked out and the transmission is going out! Praise the Lord, it is still under warranty. Jim was also able to get his things updated at the DMV. What a fun day.

I got to go to the ladies prayer mtg. I was late as Jim got home at 3. The very time the meeting was to start. I hate to be late any time – ever! Well, I really believed it was a better thing to go and be late than to not go at all. We had a great prayer mtg. and I got home in enough time to spend a couple of hours with the family before bed.

Andrea is now camped out in her bed in the piano room due to the black mold in her old room and extreme asthma problems. Andy is now camped out in the living room due to the fact that his old room over the garage is freezing these days. It is like one big happy family. So cozy. I really love it. They have been sweet about it too. God is so good. 


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Christian Homeschool mom, eleven children, many grown, some still at home, walker, enjoy reading, blogging, crafting, playing with grandchildren, eating thm, studying nutrition, music and movie lover, enjoy spending time with my husband, ministry...

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