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My husband Jim had a mini stroke about a month back. We were all very thankful there was no damage done but I really took it to heart and just made a big fuss about him changing his diet and life style. It is not that I have not tried before to encourage him but this time I think he too was concerned for his own health and it helped me some in encouraging him to walk with me.

I generally walk about 40 minutes a day and now that he has started walking with me we often jazz it up a bit by going on my walk twice and getting a double benefit. We usually walk early and in the evening. I remember how it used to be such a chore for me to get my walk it. Now, I just love getting out there and enjoying the scenery. I know not everyone has a beautiful place to walk like we do here in northern Michigan. I am sorry if you don’t have a pretty place. Try to make the most of where you walk by switching it around and going in reverse of the direction you usually take. For us we can walk a mile in two different directions with lovely sights either way.

Talk about jazzing it up- another thing I have come to totally love, especially when I am walking alone is my IPod. I wear big head phones (great for keeping your ears warm in cold weather). I listen mostly to praise and worship music. I have such a nice mix but lots of really fun songs with lots of rhythm and drums. It makes the walk so much more fun and helps me really punch it up. I walk faster up hill or through the snow when the music is powerful.

A really awesome thing happened right around the time Jim needed to start his diet change. My brother Kevin visited us and had recently lost 20 pounds. One of his single most helpful suggestions was getting the Lost It app. on his phone. It keeps track of calories of foods we eat as well as projecting how many calories our exercise has earned us. Another great suggestion was that Kev uses kettle bells for working out. We got a ten pound one and have used it for some added exercise.

Jim has lost 13 pounds so far this month. He is still very encouraged and motivated. Yippy! I have even lost a few pounds coaching him.


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Christian Homeschool mom, eleven children, many grown, some still at home, walker, enjoy reading, blogging, crafting, playing with grandchildren, eating thm, studying nutrition, music and movie lover, enjoy spending time with my husband, ministry...

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