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We have been at our new post in the far north of the lower peninsula of Pure Michigan for just over a year. When we started here there was a young and talented musician leading worship with his guitar or violin.  It has taken a small turn now as we have invited some of the regulars with musical gifts to join us in forming a praise team. We have been working at it for just a few weeks and it has been so much fun. We pray and wait on divine inspiration for song selections. I think that might be the real strength of our team, prayer.  Then we find the music for these and have them ready for Monday night practice. We meet at our home since our building is not yet up and we meet in the area school. 

One dear musician is a soprano, one an alto, one a baritone, and two instrumentalist – oh yes, and me. I sing some and play the keyboard. We put our words up on powerpoint and try to go over our music a few minutes before the morning service. 

I love listening to music on my walks. Many times something will really bless me and I make a mental note to see if it can be incorporated into our worship. I have also been studying a devotional called, “Great Songs of Faith”. I enjoy hearing the stories of the hymn writers and the experiences that shaped their lives and ministries. 

I especially enjoyed reading this week about Elizabeth Cecelia Clephane. Elizabeth was from Melrose, Scotland. She suffered from poor health for most of her life but did not let that keep her from serving the Lord. She helped the poor and those who struggled with disabilities. Her nickname became “The Sunbeam of Melrose”. She wrote eight hymns and was the author of Beneath The Cross of Jesus. 

When I read her story I was so happy to feel like we were serving together. She in the 1800’s – me here and now. 

I hope our little contributions to our body of believers will be a blessing to my brothers and sisters in Christ and bring a smile to my Savior’s face. 

In the words of Elizabeth – “I ask no other sunshine than the sunshine of His face.”


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