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Who Am I, Really?

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I am reading through the Bible this year with the guide at . So, I read from Genesis where God is telling Abraham that He plans to destroy Sodom – the very city where his nephew Lot and his family are living. In just a couple of chapters (Genesis 18&19) you get the picture pretty well. Lot is warned along with his family to get out. The city is about to be destroyed. The text says “he lingered”! Seriously? It sounds like these heavenly visitors bodily escorted the family out of the city. What kind of a man was this Lot? His uncle thought he was a good man. That is why he went to the wall with God to spare the city or at least those that Abraham thought were “righteous”. I kept thinking about Lot and wondering if he really walked the walk or just knew the talk. What about me? Do the people who know me best think I’m crazy in love with Jesus or just crazy?

It made me think. I want to be a true follower. One who marches on with steady steps to the beat of a different drum. I want to be one who hears the voice of God, knows the voice and obeys (without hesitation) the voice of God.


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