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Unexpected Visitors

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We have been enjoying or enduring some blizzard like weather the last few days. Yesterday afternoon Jim and Andrea and I were sitting in the living room enjoying watching the birds out the front window when we heard a car pull into the driveway. Soon a friend came to the door and asked if she and her children could come in out of the storm. She could no longer see the road in front of her. What a surprising diversion from the otherwise quiet and uneventful day. We enjoyed meeting her children and visiting about the weather and bird watching. What a sweet surprise. Then, a few hours later while Jim was out feeding the wood burner we saw our neighbor running to our door. I quickly went to the door and was met by Alex, his very large golden lab and our own Sarah the border collie.  Before we could share greetings both dogs and Alex were running through the rooms of the house. The dogs were finally rounded up and redirected to the great outdoors with much snow and laughter.

I’m so thankful for my warm house this year as never before. We have had the outdoor burner for two winters now and their have been some very challenging colds. Today boasts double digit negative numbers. Our cheap outdoor thermometer cannot even accurately keep up with these wild temps. I know how blessed we are to have a nice home, fine wood burner and pile of wood. Thank you God for supplying our needs. Thank you God for unexpected guests- in whatever shape they come in.

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