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Home and Family


Ah the seasons of life. Jim, my hubby is a pastor and today he preached a funeral for a lady that I had never met. Jim had met her just last year when he preached her husbands funeral. When Jim preached today he spoke of the verses in Ecclesiastes chapter 3 where the text talks about different seasons of our lives, the time to laugh, the time to cry… It was a great message as usual. It made me think a bit more about the season we are in. It is a little sketchy and always changing but we are in another new season. We have raised several children together. We have eleven children and many have established their own homes and have lived independently for many years while two children still live at home.
Andy is 18 and loves to work and is hardly ever at home. Our youngest daughter, Andrea is 16 and will begin her senior year of high school homeschooling when she returns from Mexico in a few months. So, our house is much quieter and emptier than it has been in a very long time. Our first child was born almost 38 years ago. He came into our home when we were busy in Jim’s first year of Bible College. We had moved hundreds of miles from family to attend Bible College in Springfield, Mo. Jimmie, our son was born a few weeks after we arrived. I began babysitting for girls in college who lived in the same student housing where we lived. I just watched the babies in the time of classes so most of my sitting was finished by 3 PM. Most the babies were very young and in diapers. It was busy but exciting and gave me a chance to visit with other moms. I never took any classes myself but I did help Jim read his assignments and write papers.

Now, we like to get away and day here and there and visit our kids and grandkids. The kids are scattered over Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, Wisconsin, Florida and Mexico. It is such a treat to go visit with them and see how their lives and families are changing with seasons of their own.

I love this season. I love having grandchildren. They energize us. They love us and always seem so happy to be with us. I am so thankful for the seasons God has ordained and for the way He gives us strength and joy in each one.


Author: Melony

Christian Homeschool mom, eleven children, many grown, some still at home, walker, enjoy reading, blogging, crafting, playing with grandchildren, eating thm, studying nutrition, music and movie lover, enjoy spending time with my husband, ministry...

2 thoughts on “Home and Family

  1. A sweet season for you two, and a blessed one for us as we see our children and grand children and Great Grandchildren multiplying.
    Today we had a special little lunch with your lovely daughter Hillary and her 5 children under 8….. I have know idea how she does it but it is a JOY to behold…. How the Lord has blessed us….. Love you dear.

  2. We are happy for you.
    John and Carol

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