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Keeping the Home- and loving it!

New Beginnings!!

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Dear Family and Friends,

I have needed to write and update you all on our family and our new place and work.
Jim retired from the pastorate at the beginning of September. We were in a very special place for our last church. We were way up north in Bear Lake, Michigan. What a magnificent spot! We loved living there so much. We took walks together almost every day. Jim was very busy as our church was right in the middle of their building program. As the building began to take shape both Jim and I sensed that God would bring someone else along to enjoy the new building and take over as the new shepherd. It was a bit of a shake up for us but more and more we came to realize that God will bring great peace to those who trust the outcome to Him.

We began packing our things and within hours of realizing God was going to move us Jim received word on his job and just a short time later I too was given a position with the same company.

Jim has been busy every weekend moving our things out of the old place and into the new. God worked out our housing in His equally amazing way. Our days are full of work and our nights are starting to settle into something more peaceful.

Our little house is cosy and warm and some new friends from our new church live just a few doors down.

Andrea had applied to Youth With A Mission for Discipleship Training School in early August and just received word yesterday that she has been accepted for the school that begins April 1. We are so excited for her. She is studying Spanish as her school is in Tijuana. Please pray with us that she will be well prepared in every way and that her funds will come in a timely way as confirmation of God’s direction.

Thank you for praying for our family during our transition time.

We love Bear Lake and our church family. We left a huge part of ourselves there as our youngest son Andy stayed and is establishing his own home there. God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.


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