Melony Pierpont Evans

Keeping the Home- and loving it!

Grandchildren! What is my role as a grandma?

I am sitting in my living room sipping my herb tea and remembering the sweet time I had this week. One of my girl, Chelsie Renee was here for a few days with her three children and her little foster daughter. What a sweet time we had. We sang some songs and played with play doh and went to the park and grabbed a doughnut and they even built a snowman!

I am not new to this Grandma thing but I spend much more time in prayer before the kids come and more time in prayer daily for my sweet grandchildren. The time passes quickly when they are here and have we wasted time or invested? I really cringe when the children ask if they can watch a movie. O boy! What a waste! How can I better get ahead of the game and plan more so that we spend less and less time watching a movie and more time in great things that will add good things to that child’s life.

I want my kids and grandkids to know how dear my Lord is to me. They know I love to be outside. Do they know how much I love to pray? Do they know how much I love my time with the Lord? How can I share those things with the littles?

We did play some beautiful Christian music and then danced all around the living room and sang our little hearts out. We like to sing the songs from the Getty Kids Albums. When we walked at the park we noticed all the beautiful things God created for us. We also enjoyed lots of hugs and kisses and sweet endearments.

Now as I have some time to plan I want to think through some other great things we can do that will be valuable ways to use our time. I was able to listen to Adventum cd’s with my grandson a few weeks ago when he was here. I love these dramatic stories from God’s Word.

Easter is coming! I hope to be able to have some of my wonderful grandchildren in our home for this special time. I love Easter – celebrating our resurrected Lord! Even now I am searching for beautiful ideas to plan that will draw our hearts to our dear and precious Savior!