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Keeping the Home- and loving it!

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Making Vows

As a new year dawns we reflect and recognize how quickly the last year has gone by. We want to make the most of our days and opportunities. I remember hearing our pastor talk of making vows and promises to God as we face the new year. I love to read Psalms and Proverbs. Psalm 61:8 – tells us says that I will sing songs of praise to God’s name as I perform my vows day after day.

I have made some promises to myself and to my God.

Some are for my physical health. I will walk everyday. I will do my best to follow a wise eating plan. I will get to bed early. I will read and watch only things that are joyful and uplifting and wholesome. I have struggled with sleeplessness and have discovered eating sweets or having caffeine or watching intense or scary movies has really made for restless nights and then unproductive days.

I have also made promises that are for my spiritual good. I will make time everyday for reading God’s word and prayer. I pray for my family, myself and my church family. I make time every week for listening to good preaching. I am faithful in my local church. I also try to keep my schedule light on Saturday especially after 6 PM. It just helps me to go into the Lord’s Day in a quiet way. In that way I am more prepared to hear what God might want to speak to me about.

I have learned to pray at least a few days before making new commitments of my time and energy. This way I can have time for what matters most.

Hope this is a blessing. Have a great day!

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Happy New Year

IMG_2087I want to make Christmas last forever. At least the warm, family, candle lit, old fashioned Christmas carol, twinkling lights, contented soul feeling that makes me happy Christmas.
I have moved on to making some vows to God. I like to start my new year with these and I will write about that later. Just for now, I am off to walk my miles each day. Will write more about that later. Love you all. Love God. Happy to be facing a great new year. God is faithful. Prayed with all my heart yesterday before I went to church and when the service was over a young girl I have been mentoring came up to me and said she wanted to put her faith in God! What a great start to 2015.

This little kitten was one of the four who lived with us for a time this past year. The little girl who trusted Christ as her Savior yesterday just loves kittens. I thank God for letting me share in this precious part in this little girls life.

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Praise and Worship!

We have been at our new post in the far north of the lower peninsula of Pure Michigan for just over a year. When we started here there was a young and talented musician leading worship with his guitar or violin.  It has taken a small turn now as we have invited some of the regulars with musical gifts to join us in forming a praise team. We have been working at it for just a few weeks and it has been so much fun. We pray and wait on divine inspiration for song selections. I think that might be the real strength of our team, prayer.  Then we find the music for these and have them ready for Monday night practice. We meet at our home since our building is not yet up and we meet in the area school. 

One dear musician is a soprano, one an alto, one a baritone, and two instrumentalist – oh yes, and me. I sing some and play the keyboard. We put our words up on powerpoint and try to go over our music a few minutes before the morning service. 

I love listening to music on my walks. Many times something will really bless me and I make a mental note to see if it can be incorporated into our worship. I have also been studying a devotional called, “Great Songs of Faith”. I enjoy hearing the stories of the hymn writers and the experiences that shaped their lives and ministries. 

I especially enjoyed reading this week about Elizabeth Cecelia Clephane. Elizabeth was from Melrose, Scotland. She suffered from poor health for most of her life but did not let that keep her from serving the Lord. She helped the poor and those who struggled with disabilities. Her nickname became “The Sunbeam of Melrose”. She wrote eight hymns and was the author of Beneath The Cross of Jesus. 

When I read her story I was so happy to feel like we were serving together. She in the 1800’s – me here and now. 

I hope our little contributions to our body of believers will be a blessing to my brothers and sisters in Christ and bring a smile to my Savior’s face. 

In the words of Elizabeth – “I ask no other sunshine than the sunshine of His face.”

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Chocolate Addiction

I admit it. I cannot get through a day anymore without my chocolate fix. I hope you are not offended by my unmasked admission. I just love it and now that I have found a healthy, no sugar chocolate that I can afford daily, well, it has become a part of my life.

Andrea, my daughter, makes this up for us most times. We make our skinny chocolate with just three yummy ingredients… cocoa, unrefined coconut oil and trivia. That’s it. We usually mix three tablespoons of coconut oil with three tablespoons of cocoa and add three teaspoons of trivia. You can add a little vanilla. Then we pour it out onto a plate lined with plastic wrap. We just keep our plate of skinny chocolate in the freezer and break off a little hunk when we feel the urge. It keeps us both smiling. 🙂

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THM Eating

I got my Trim Healthy Mama book for myself for Mother’s Day. I had a chance to read my daughters’ and promptly went off my 5 1/2 year vegan pursuit. I totally loved and embraced the red meat. I simply love hamburger and cottage cheese. Anyway, I began to really enjoy cooking again and especially eating. I have now lost 15 pounds and my family gets a real kick out of mom eating meat again.
I took a while to really get rolling on the plan as I am such a picture person and there are no pictures in the book. I really like finding pictures and recipes on the internet. That helps a lot as do the recipes my daughters suggest. I will be trying to post my own pics and recipes. Happy eating.

New Start/New Year

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New Start/New Year

My newest little babies. Sometimes life is hard and we can become overwhelmed by circumstances. Sometimes people we love fail us and it changes us. Sometimes we can get bogged down in the things that keep us from being productive and joyful in our responses.

I learned some sad truths today about some things that happened in the life of a friend. My heart breaks for her. I am praying God will bring her healing and joy. Sometimes I wish I could rewrite history but that is not my job. I am sure many people are thankful for that.

I took a walk today and the melting ice and snow and the warmer temperatures (38 degrees) made me full of joy and hope. I walked and listened to music and sang out loud to God and was so thankful for all He is to me.

When I was just a child I was drawn to God and trusted Him with my life. I have never been sorry. I have had hard and sad days but my life has for the most part been very good. Last night at church we were able to sing with other believers about God and His faithfulness. Life is good. Spring is just around the corner. God is on His throne and He has a plan for me that bring me hope and a future. Jeremiah 20:11


Homekeepers and God’s Great Gifts!!

I am so thankful to God for His awesome ways and plans. I am so grateful for His design.  I love being a Christian, a wife, a mother and a homekeeper. Tonight our church ladies will come together for our final study of True Woman 101. Tonight we read and pray together about having a special signing party for the True Woman manifesto.

All week I have been reading blogs of other God fearing homekeepers. I love that word so much more than homemakers. God is, of course, the true homemaker. He assigned us as ladies to be the home keepers! I am so thankful to be able to be at home with Jim, Andy and Andrea, to cook, bake, create, read, learn, sing, prepare meals, eat with my family, help them with their work, clean, organize, walk, pray, study Bible Studies and Sunday School lessons, prepare for Kid’s Klub, play the piano, walk in the sand, walk in the snow, decorate, listen to music, take pictures, watch the fire…I guess I could go on and on. I love being the one who gets to make home special. I would not change places with anyone.

I am so thankful for the lovely memories of my house full of people when there were many children and loads of laundry and at least 100 unmatched socks in the sock basket. I am so thankful for the days we said “School will be a walk and a picnic.” I do not regret spending many days with my kids just living life, cooking and cleaning together, playing and working. Those are the days I remember best. There were also plenty of days when school was the order of the day in the strictest  sense. We would jazz it up a bit at holidays doing word searches and crosswords about that particular day. I loved reading “Little House” books and watching “Little House” together. I loved making bread and cookies, snicker doodles and no bakes and meat loaf with special sauce, mashed potatoes, and green beans with cheese. I love making stomboli with sauce and cheese cake. Many of my special memories are about food and surrounded with food. (No wonder I have always struggled with extra pounds.) I remember having friends over for meals. When Ken and Lois and their  kids came over we would have burgers on the grill. Once we had deer burgers but then Lois refused to eat them after we tricked her into eating her first one. I remember her even picking all the meat out of her spaghetti sauce just in case it was deer. We ate lots of spaghetti meals together.

I love the memories of going to the beach at South Haven and constantly counting heads to be sure we didn’t let anyone drown. I was always very stressed after a day at the beach. Imagine counting to 8-10 to have a head count but then yelling at Jer, Josh, Jesse, Tim and Seth not to try to kill each other. I alway said, “Be nice, boys” or “Careful, guys or we will have to go home” without any trace of what I was really feeling so I would not disturb any sane people trying to enjoy a day at the beach. I think I could write a book about how to speak to your children while in the check out at Walmart without shouting or swearing and still get your sweet children to understand what your sweet words really meant.  I know, that sounds not too nice. This is about sweet memories and I do have a boat load of them.

Christmas will come this year and we will designate a special day as Christmas since we will have to take Jesse and Becky to southern Ohio on the 25th. We will have our cinnamon rolls and bagels and cream cheese and open presents and read the Christmas story from the Bible. We will ( all four of us) remember when the house was full and loud and noisy and messy and smile and give thanks for Him and His wonderful design.

Thank you, Dear Precious Father for all these gifts.

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Just Walk!

My husband Jim had a mini stroke about a month back. We were all very thankful there was no damage done but I really took it to heart and just made a big fuss about him changing his diet and life style. It is not that I have not tried before to encourage him but this time I think he too was concerned for his own health and it helped me some in encouraging him to walk with me.

I generally walk about 40 minutes a day and now that he has started walking with me we often jazz it up a bit by going on my walk twice and getting a double benefit. We usually walk early and in the evening. I remember how it used to be such a chore for me to get my walk it. Now, I just love getting out there and enjoying the scenery. I know not everyone has a beautiful place to walk like we do here in northern Michigan. I am sorry if you don’t have a pretty place. Try to make the most of where you walk by switching it around and going in reverse of the direction you usually take. For us we can walk a mile in two different directions with lovely sights either way.

Talk about jazzing it up- another thing I have come to totally love, especially when I am walking alone is my IPod. I wear big head phones (great for keeping your ears warm in cold weather). I listen mostly to praise and worship music. I have such a nice mix but lots of really fun songs with lots of rhythm and drums. It makes the walk so much more fun and helps me really punch it up. I walk faster up hill or through the snow when the music is powerful.

A really awesome thing happened right around the time Jim needed to start his diet change. My brother Kevin visited us and had recently lost 20 pounds. One of his single most helpful suggestions was getting the Lost It app. on his phone. It keeps track of calories of foods we eat as well as projecting how many calories our exercise has earned us. Another great suggestion was that Kev uses kettle bells for working out. We got a ten pound one and have used it for some added exercise.

Jim has lost 13 pounds so far this month. He is still very encouraged and motivated. Yippy! I have even lost a few pounds coaching him.

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School Days Up North

We moved to Bear Lake, Michigan on the 28th of December. We have had snow cover almost everyday. We have a pile of snow right now and cannot get to the driveway without some cautious planning. Yes, we have been shoveling and salting but we have gotten a dusting (at least) every night so our efforts must be daily.

We are really thankful for the fireplace. It has really helped to take the chill off. Will post some pics soon of our school days. Here is a nice pic of Jim at the entrance of Lake Ann.feb and march 2013 007

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true peace

leaves are beautiful, music is such a blessing, God is so near, life if so full of challenges, God is so near, family is so precious, the end is near, God is so near…..

It makes me want to write a song.

Funny things happen. Yesterday Jim came back from work after only being gone an hour or so. The truck that belongs to Ben, our son-in-law, Jim’s boss, broke down. It was transmission trouble. This for us was a blessing. Jim has been working everyday and has not had a chance to change his license or get registered to vote. I had tried to do it for him online while we still are waiting for confirmation in the mail. When Jim and Ben headed for town Ben’s truck completely gave out and had to be towed. Jim took our new car to have it checked out and the transmission is going out! Praise the Lord, it is still under warranty. Jim was also able to get his things updated at the DMV. What a fun day.

I got to go to the ladies prayer mtg. I was late as Jim got home at 3. The very time the meeting was to start. I hate to be late any time – ever! Well, I really believed it was a better thing to go and be late than to not go at all. We had a great prayer mtg. and I got home in enough time to spend a couple of hours with the family before bed.

Andrea is now camped out in her bed in the piano room due to the black mold in her old room and extreme asthma problems. Andy is now camped out in the living room due to the fact that his old room over the garage is freezing these days. It is like one big happy family. So cozy. I really love it. They have been sweet about it too. God is so good.