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Keeping the Home- and loving it!

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Let’s Get Fired Up!!

This was a cheer that I remember from my school days. I thought of it this morning while preparing for my Kid’s Klub lesson. Kid’s Klub is an after school program that our church does for the public school. We meet once a week and have a lesson, game time, songs, and a snack. It is a great opportunity to share Christ and what He has done in our lives with young kids.

This week I will start a three part lesson of the life of Anthony T. Rossi – the man who was born in Italy and came to America when he was just 21 years old. He knew how to say “please”, “yes”, “no”, and “I’m hungry”. He had just $30. in his pocket. He had a job and place to live his first day in America and before long began frequenting a library to read and learn. That is where Tony first read about Jesus and he understood that Jesus had died for him and this gave Tony a burning desire to read the Bible. Soon Tony had given his life to God and his story is amazing. I cannot wait to tell the kids the story.

Over and over in Tony’s life he came up against problems and questions. Each time he would pray and ask for God to give him clear direction. As Tony lived to please God and follow His direction, God prospered Tony and gave him ideas. Tony was a prosperous businessman and inventor and entrepreneur. He became known as “The Orange Juice King”. He used his blessings to bless the lives of others and shared his wealth starting a mission, a tape ministry and a retirement village for missionaries.

I am praying for the kids to hear about how God loves them and has a plan for their lives. I am praying that he will insight each of us with a divine excitement to serve Him with all our hearts. I am praying that these boys and girls will give God their hearts and lives and that they will be changed forever as only He can do.

If you are a child of God, pray with me as we meet each Tuesday. Thanks.



Homekeepers and God’s Great Gifts!!

I am so thankful to God for His awesome ways and plans. I am so grateful for His design.  I love being a Christian, a wife, a mother and a homekeeper. Tonight our church ladies will come together for our final study of True Woman 101. Tonight we read and pray together about having a special signing party for the True Woman manifesto.

All week I have been reading blogs of other God fearing homekeepers. I love that word so much more than homemakers. God is, of course, the true homemaker. He assigned us as ladies to be the home keepers! I am so thankful to be able to be at home with Jim, Andy and Andrea, to cook, bake, create, read, learn, sing, prepare meals, eat with my family, help them with their work, clean, organize, walk, pray, study Bible Studies and Sunday School lessons, prepare for Kid’s Klub, play the piano, walk in the sand, walk in the snow, decorate, listen to music, take pictures, watch the fire…I guess I could go on and on. I love being the one who gets to make home special. I would not change places with anyone.

I am so thankful for the lovely memories of my house full of people when there were many children and loads of laundry and at least 100 unmatched socks in the sock basket. I am so thankful for the days we said “School will be a walk and a picnic.” I do not regret spending many days with my kids just living life, cooking and cleaning together, playing and working. Those are the days I remember best. There were also plenty of days when school was the order of the day in the strictest  sense. We would jazz it up a bit at holidays doing word searches and crosswords about that particular day. I loved reading “Little House” books and watching “Little House” together. I loved making bread and cookies, snicker doodles and no bakes and meat loaf with special sauce, mashed potatoes, and green beans with cheese. I love making stomboli with sauce and cheese cake. Many of my special memories are about food and surrounded with food. (No wonder I have always struggled with extra pounds.) I remember having friends over for meals. When Ken and Lois and their  kids came over we would have burgers on the grill. Once we had deer burgers but then Lois refused to eat them after we tricked her into eating her first one. I remember her even picking all the meat out of her spaghetti sauce just in case it was deer. We ate lots of spaghetti meals together.

I love the memories of going to the beach at South Haven and constantly counting heads to be sure we didn’t let anyone drown. I was always very stressed after a day at the beach. Imagine counting to 8-10 to have a head count but then yelling at Jer, Josh, Jesse, Tim and Seth not to try to kill each other. I alway said, “Be nice, boys” or “Careful, guys or we will have to go home” without any trace of what I was really feeling so I would not disturb any sane people trying to enjoy a day at the beach. I think I could write a book about how to speak to your children while in the check out at Walmart without shouting or swearing and still get your sweet children to understand what your sweet words really meant.  I know, that sounds not too nice. This is about sweet memories and I do have a boat load of them.

Christmas will come this year and we will designate a special day as Christmas since we will have to take Jesse and Becky to southern Ohio on the 25th. We will have our cinnamon rolls and bagels and cream cheese and open presents and read the Christmas story from the Bible. We will ( all four of us) remember when the house was full and loud and noisy and messy and smile and give thanks for Him and His wonderful design.

Thank you, Dear Precious Father for all these gifts.